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Lawn Strip


Advance the efficiency of your meter readers through a ZENNER Walk-By system. Give your workforce hand-held technology that interfaces to Microsoft systems. 

Time-Saving Add On

A favorite add-on to our Walk-by system is the ZENNER USA Touch Pad. Adding a touch pad to each water meter will significantly increase the meter reading process on average from 200 meter reads a day to 400 a day. 


A walk-by utility meter is a type of utility meter that can be read by a meter reader who walks past the meter, typically located outside a building or home. Walk-by meters are equipped with a communication device, such as a transmitter, that allows the meter to transmit its reads to a handheld device. 

When a meter reader walks by the meter, they can use the handheld device to collect the meter's reading without the need to physically access the meter. This method of reading meters is more efficient than traditional manual meter reading, as it eliminates the need for the meter reader to enter the premises.

Walk-by meter readings can collect readings from multiple meters in a short amount of time. It saves on labor costs and increases productivity. Reduced risk of human error leads to more accurate billing. 

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