Water Meters and Meter Reading Technology

The name ZENNER USA stands for innovative measuring instruments

ZENNER PERFORMANCE products: water meters, heat meters

ZENNER USA supplies a wide range of water meters and meter reading technology products that make consumption billing possible. >>more


The ZENNER Radio System Stealth Reader® for Water Fixed Networks was designed for the remote readout of water meters in the residential, commercial and flat sector. >>more

ZENNER International water meters and heat meters

ZENNER USA represents innovation and quality for water meters and meter reading technology. >>more


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ZENNER USA, a division of the international Minol-ZENNER Group, is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality water meters and heat meters for the measuring of consumption.

With more than 100 years of experience, ZENNER develops, produces and markets innovative measuring equipment for global markets. In addition to meter reading technology, ZENNER manufactures water meters for the multifamily and single family home markets, as well as bulk water meters.

Each year, the ZENNER-Group produces more than three million water meters and 140,000 heat meters worldwide. Our mission is to develop innovative products that are customized to meet the requirements of our customers.

Our water meters and heat meters are used by:

tl_files/content/icons/quad.gifUtilities tl_files/content/icons/quad.gifMunicipal water suppliers
tl_files/content/icons/quad.gifEnergy Suppliers tl_files/content/icons/quad.gifContracting companies
tl_files/content/icons/quad.gifDistrict heating companies tl_files/content/icons/quad.gifMeter reading companies
tl_files/content/icons/quad.gifWholesale suppliers tl_files/content/icons/quad.gifIndustrial companies


The innovation of ZENNER USA Water Meters today is saving the resources of tomorrow.