The Stealth Reader Gas Meter Interface Unit allows for 2-way communication, migration from Drive-by to Fixed Network mode and fits American and Rockwell Gas Meters.

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Zenner Stealth Reader Gas MIU

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Hybrid 2-way Drive-by and Fixed Mesh Network
• Allows for Deployment first as drive-by and later upgrade to fixed mesh network using the same meter interfaces/inserts.
• Two-way 902-928MHz FHSS drive-by delivers maximum range and penetration.
• True battery fixed mesh network eliminates the need for towers and AC-powered repeaters.
• Every meter is also a repeater!
• Fixed mesh network is self-forming and self-healing.
• Meters automatically discover and join the network.

AMR Capabilities
• Log meter readings hourly or daily even in drive by mode
• Stores up to 1 year of hourly readings and is customizable to 1 minute intervals
• Configurable reporting: hourly, 4 hours, daily, etc.
• Low battery detection, and batteries are easily field replaced at the unit.
• Supports gas meter right sizing, settling usage disputes, Identity of theft and tampering, activity on an inactive account

Meter Compatibility
• American
• Rockwell