ZENNER Stealth Shut-Off Valve


The Zenner SSV enables utilities to shut off and reconnect water services remotely. Available as a handheld-operated system or integrated with the Zenner Stealth AMR/AMI system, the SSV is an effective solution to a host of billing, service and field issues.

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SSV Benefits

  •         Since SSVs have both disconnect and reconnect capabilities, they can eliminate at least two field service calls each time they are used.
  •         Theft from inactive services can be virtually eliminated.
  •         In most cases, disconnection also expedites customer payment and simplifies collection.
  •         SSVs can operate in both pit and non-pit settings.
  •         They are available in 5/8” through 1” sizes and with “Complete shutoff”.
  •         Water conservation monitoring and reporting


How It Works

  •         A shutoff signal is transmitted via a Stealth Reader Handheld while onsite or through a Fixed Network via the ZENNER Stealth AMI network.
  •         The signal is received by the Stealth Reader MIU connected to the SSV.
  •         The SSV rotates its internal ball valve, shutting off or turning on the flow of water at the service.
  •         SSV transmits an “Operation Complete” signal along with “Open” or “Closed” confirmation a few seconds later.
  •         Reconnection can be performed at any time by repeating the same process.