Total Customer Loyalty Is Our Mission. At the end of each day, only one thing matters at ZENNER: Keeping our customers for life.

Total Customer Loyalty Is Our Mission. At the end of each day, only one thing matters at ZENNER: Keeping our customers for life. That means 100% satisfaction with the performance of ZENNERS products, services, information and our people. To ensure that we exceed your expectations, we conduct ongoing customer satisfaction surveys, focus group research and meet regularly with customer councils. If you have a comment, experience or suggestion that will help us achieve greater customer satisfaction, we want to hear it.

Our goal at ZENNER is to maintain a high level of service for all of our customers. Whether you are a contractor looking for product and installation information, a design engineer trying to find the right product or part for an application, or a facility manager working to improve uptime and, we understand the individual needs of all our customers. 

We provide support in over 92 countries and more than 15 languages. Plus, we can deliver robust services both onsite and through advanced means, such as near-real-time electronic monitoring, diagnostics and remote repair.

Rapid response

We are at your service around the clock, quickly and efficiently. We promise to restore your production, assets and processes to full working order within 24 hours of being notified of the problem. If it will take longer we will tell you how long and escalate the problem as a priority.

When do you typically need rapid response?

  • During emergencies or planned production breaks when your equipment or processes fail, we are there to provide instant repair 
  • When you need parts or equipment, we guarantee to supply you with exactly the right spare part or product in full working order, within the agreed timeframe. 
  • When troubleshooting needs to be carried out quickly, we identify and analyze the root causes of equipment failures and suggest the most effective courses of action.
  • When you want to ensure that your company's personnel know how to respond quickly and efficiently in any given situation, we can provide suitable training options from our range of equipment and system training services. 
  • The best way to ensure rapid response is with a service agreement tailored to your needs, providing on site and remote monitoring and support that guarantee fast action in all situations.                           

ZENNERS Customer Assistance Center Is Here To Help. 

If you have a question, need information or have a suggestion, contact us. Experienced, knowledgeable customer assistance specialists are here to help.

For questions regarding your ZENNER product; for assistance locating an available ZENNER authorized distributor or dealer; or for general inquiries, please complete the form below.

In North America, you may also contact ZENNER Care at 855-593-6637.