Consistent, efficient, and accountable water operations.

Utilities face aging infrastructure, declining revenues, increasing regulations, and retiring workers—challenges that require them to plan and work smarter than ever before. But it’s a struggle because information and systems are disconnected.

At Zenner, we understand your challenges. Combining advanced technologies and deep industry know-how, our proven water solutions drive greater efficiency, consistency and accountability throughout your operations. That's why thousands of utilities rely on us to help them drive intelligent water operations.

Zenner understands your challenges.

Water is a valuable natural resource, indispensable to sustainable development. To support more effective management of this precious resource, water utilities and municipalities need increasingly accurate measuring equipment for managing delivery and supporting conservation.

Zenner supplies complete water meters and associated automatic meter reading systems for all applications in the Residential and Commercial Industrial markets. We are among the very few metering specialists who understand customers’ needs well enough to be able to advise them on choosing the system best suited to their water quality, allocation, billing and network management purposes.

Zenner products have the capability to accurately measure water and ensure full revenue, from small residential flows to the most demanding fire and master meter applications. We manufacture a complete line of Multi Jet, Positive Displacement, Vertical Turbine, Horizontal Turbine, Fire Line/Master and Detector Check products to name just a few that range in sizes from ½ inch to 20 inches.

Zenner can help.

Upgrading to a sophisticated automated control system seems impossible when you’ve got limited staff, funds, and IT support. But Zenner makes it easy.

Zenner Stealth is transforming the way companies do business with high-performance technology solutions powered by the Industrial Internet. We provide customers across various industries with software, control systems and embedded computing platforms -- enabling them to connect their machines, data, and insights, and people to optimize their assets and operations. The results: greater productivity, reduced unplanned downtime, and lower costs.

Zenner can help finance your project as well with first class municipal financing that depending upon borrowing authority, may be structured in a variety of forms: Installment Sale, Lease Purchase, Contractual Obligation, Certificate of Indebtedness. Can also have deferred annual payments that leverage existing budgets and can be completed in about 30days from board approval. This accelerates the ROI and increases the NPV of a project over spread deployments.

Pay as you go.