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  • The ZENNER Stealth Reader Meter Interface Unit allows for 2-way communication, migration from Drive-by to Fixed Network mode, and is meter agnostic.

  • Each Collector manages and connects thousands of Stealth Reader MIU devices to the monitoring and control computer system. Designed from the ground up for utility and industrial applications, the Stealth Collector is rugged, flexible, secure and reliable.

  • Add a High Speed Backbone to your Water Fixed Network to extend its range.

  • The ZENNER Stealth Network Manager System provides a powerful and easy to use set of tools for efficient deployment and management of MeshPlus Wireless Networks

  • The Stealth Reader Software utilizes a distributed management architecture with management functions in the network devices, a management server and a management user interface at the operator's workstation. Management functions are integrated across the mesh network system while providing each entity with its own independent management component.

  • The ZENNER Touch Pad is used for electronic meter reading systems where the meter is not easily accessible. The Touch Pad cable is attached to a remote module, such as a ZENNER ETR Encoder. The Touch Pad is typically mounted in the top of a meter box lid, using the included housing and nut, allowing for easy communication with a compatible reading device.

  • The Zenner SSV enables utilities to shut off and reconnect water services remotely. Available as a handheld-operated system or integrated with the Zenner Stealth AMR/AMI system, the SSV is an effective solution to a host of billing, service and field issues.

  • Mount your MIU Repeater to fire hydrants. Available in two different sizes: 2.5" Fire Hose Threads and 4" Fire Hose Threads.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items