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  • ZENNER PERFORMANCE Hydrant Meter Locks are designed to easily secure hydrant meters quickly and effectively.  These unique hydrant locks allow utilities to “throw away the chains.”  They are easy to install and keep hydrant meters safe from theft.  

  • Swivels and Nipples are available in sizes 2-1/2” NH x 2” MIP through 4-1/2” NH x 4” MIP in both Bronze and Aluminum.  Many of these Swivels and Nipples can also be configured with built-in strainer screens or flow restrictor plates.  

  • ZENNER PERFORMANCE FHM Check Valve Assemblies are designed to be installed on the outlet side of Fire Hydrant Meters. They are easy to install and are made to take the place of existing outlet fire hose nipples. The FHM Check Valve Assembly provides a practical solution to help prevent backflow into the primary water source.  

  • The ZENNER Hydrant Gate Valve with Speed Handle is used to throttle the flow from a fire hydrant or fire hydrant meter preventing damage to the hydrant or hydrant meter.  

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items